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Sex and Slaughter in the Tent of Jael: A Cultural History of a Biblical Story by Colleen M. Conway
Prof. Conway used my Jael and Sisera print and 3 pages of our exchange of ideas of Jael’s act

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Printmaking Today Winter 2015
PROFILE by Nan Mulder

The Jackdaw May / June 2013
Easelwords – Walking the Line

IMPACT conference, UWE, Bristol 17 October 2009
Beautiful Beasts by Wuon Gean Ho

SEE magazine – Edmonton Arts – Art Box – Published May 14, 2009
The Id Stays In The Picture

The Jackdaw December / January, 2008
Easelwords – The Weight of Smoke

Essay by Laura Gascoigne on The Weight of smoke, 2007
Contradictions which form a unity

Essay by Willem Elias on The Weight of smoke, 2007
Marcelle Hanselaar shines a light
into the darkness of our forbidden dreams

Printmaking Today Autumn 2006
PROFILE – Behind closed doors