Still afraid of the dark, 2018, oil on canvas, 50 x 40 cm

Still afraid of the dark, 2018
oil on canvas, 50 x 40 cm

Although time is an illusionary concept, every year, when the clocks turn back, I get this secret pleasure of having been given a freebie which in some way sweetens the loss of light in the days to come.

The past year I have been returned to my first love, painting and now I am ready to get them out in the open.

In As The Crow Flies an exhibition curated by Bo.Lee Gallery several of my new paintings will be shown in the context of their other gallery artists.
In Spring next year I will be ready for my first solo show with this lively, Peckham based gallery, dates to be confirmed shortly.

A few days ago I received the wonderful and exciting news that the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has acquired a complete set of my Crying Game prints. This is the first time that my work has been included in such a major overseas collection and I hope more adventures will follow.

In addition the ever excellent Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge will mount a show with the working title Voices of protest: prints by Marcelle Hanselaar of their own collection of my Crying Game prints in autumn 2019.

Let’s stir up some dust now…. the ball is in your court.

Looking forward to see you,

Marcelle Hanselaar

PV: Thursday 13 December 6-9 pm
As The Crow Flies
Bo.Lee gallery
222 Rye Lane, London SE15 4NL



PV: 7 November 7-10 pm
7 Nov 2018–March 2019
Mini Print Berlin 2018
Galerie Heike Arndt
Voigtstrasse 12, 10247 Berlin



Link to The Crying Game Book, published by Julian Page and the artist


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