'The Crying Game' continued

The Crying Game continued
The Crying Game 29, 2017, etching/aquatint, 20 x 25 cm, edition 30

The Crying Game 29, 2017, etching/aquatint
20 x 25 cm, edition 30

Last year I decided to do fewer shows for a while because I noticed that a kind of a production mode had crept into my work and I was worried that the intensely private pleasure of just messing about was being lost.

So this will be my first show of the year after a blissful time of doing just that and the first results of this free-fall into nothingness can be seen in next week’s London Print Fair.

After an immersive time painting I needed a change of perspective and a stint of printmaking was just the ticket. I finished a set of 10 new etchings which are a continuation of my Crying Game portfolio just in time for the Print Fair where they will get their first, hot of the press outing with Julian Page at his usual spot, stand 44

I sincerely hope you will enjoy my new prints as much as I did making them.

Click here to view an interview where I talk about my new prints.


Friday 5 May, 10am-10pm
Saturday 6 May, 10am-6pm
Sunday 7 May, 10am-6pm
London Original Print Fair, with Julian Page – Stand 44
Royal Academy of Arts
Burlington House , Piccadilly , London W1J 0BD

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