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Cover of my book North Sea

It has been awhile since my last newsletter, it’s been both interesting and hard to live in limbo for these past 10 months. Much has happened and at the same time nothing has.

For me, like for a lot of artists, it has been a time of uninterrupted creativity, while ongoing cancellations or postponements of real time shows have been draining of that particular energy which comes from that all important live feedback. Virtual shows, however well done, do not have the impact a face to face encounter has.

Now with a sense of spring in the air and a possible easing of lockdown, several projects are now likely to be realised.

Tomorrow there will be a profile on why I am relatively little known in The Spectator,
hopefully this will create some ripples.

My series of North Sea paintings and prints, mostly made during last year’s first lockdown, when the past and the present became undistinguishable, overlapping and receding like the tidal movements of the sea I so longed for.

They will be shown later this year in two solo shows.

A book, North Sea, with copies available, at £15 plus pp, is available from the studio

There will be more later, this is just to wet your appetite!

Keep well and strong,

best wishes to you all

8-30 May 2021
Long is the road
Arundel Contemporary

53 High Street, Arundel, BN18 9AJ
Arundel Contemporary

26 Sept-30 October 2021
North Sea
De Queeste Art

Watou/Abele, Belgium
De Queeste Art

22 oktober 2021- 17 januari 2022
Museum de Reede
Marcelle Hanselaar, Graphic oeuvre

Ernest van Dijckkaai 7
2000 Antwerpen, Belgium
Museum de Reede

The Spectator:
Why is the smokey, febrile art of Marcelle Hanselaar so little known, by Laura Gascoigne


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