New year

New year
White collar black man , 2014, 40 x 40 cm, chine-collé V.E. 30

White collar black man , 2014, 40 x 40 cm, chine-collé, V.E. 30

The new year has started as the old one ended, with bits and pieces.

I have been concocting an altered book Displaced for the Wiener Book Art Competition and finished a plate the Booksellers daughter for Absence & Presence, a print maker’s response to the Al Mutanabi street bombing. Presently it looks like it that the Booksellers daughter is going to be a series of prints. Perhaps because I am one myself?

A selection of the variable edition of my series Child soldiers and White collar black man will be on show with Julian Page Fine Art at the forthcoming Works on Paper Art Fair in London.

Meanwhile my book Travel with me for the Sketchbook project will be part of the pop up library at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg. For those who cannot, like myself, visit this event a link is enclosed.

Next month the UmUm ’14 film festival will show Postcard from the edge, an artist portrait made by Thomas Völker in response to last year’s show Walking the line. This film can also be seen at both of my forthcoming solo shows.

The first one, Open Secrets will be in at Millennium Gallery in St Ives end April/May.
Later in the year I will have my second solo show with De Queeste Art in Belgium.


Thursday February 6th- Sunday 9th 2014.
Works on Paper Art Fair, with Julian Page Fine Art
Science Museum, Exhibition Rd, London SW7 2D

10 am- 8 pm till 31rst of January 2014
The Sketchbook Project Pop-up Library at Wythe Hotel, Williamsburg, U.S.

Thomas Völker – Marcelle Hanselaar:
Postcard from the Edge
an artist portrait made by Thomas Völker

25 April – 20 May 2014
Open Secrets, new paintings & prints
Millennium, Street an Pol, St Ives, Cornwall TR26


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