Lockdown Drawings
Lockdown Conversation, pencil and litho collage on paper, 2020, 42 x 30 cm

Lockdown Conversation
pencil and litho collage on paper
2020, 42 x 30 cm

I love drawing, for me putting a pencil to paper is the beginning of an adventure. The first lockdown was the beginning of a sometimes difficult but also a very creative time.

Like a lot of people I started to organize and clear up my surroundings and while doing that I found a stack of stone litho’s in my studio I made years ago. I was going to throw them away but then got the idea to use these scraps to make something new. The result was a series of mixed media drawings which reflected my state of isolation in the central London.

Some of these drawings have been selected by Women + Health, a Charity supporting isolated and vulnerable women and survivors of domestic violence for Women’s Lockdown Art, an online art sale of artwork created by women artists during the pandemic.

During this pandemic there has been an increase in domestic violence and charities like this have done fantastic work and I am very pleased to support them.
Half the proceeds of the sales is going to support their work.

Enjoy the show, its a great collection of artists!


The launch starts on
Wednesday 11 November at 7pm
www: Women + Health Online Fundraising Exhibition: Women’s Lockdown Art
and ends Friday 25 December 2020


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