Last stand

Last stand
The Crying Game 19, 2015, etching/aquatint, 20 x 25 cm, edition 30

The Crying Game 19, 2015, etching/aquatint
20 x 25 cm, edition 30

It has been an unsettling year for all of us, some people have responded with boundless generosity, others with often violently expressed intolerance and some have found creative outlets.

I belong to the last lot and have voiced my bewilderedness and sadness in a series of 20 etchings The Crying Game, in which I not only questioned our default for violence but at the same time, following the footsteps of the great Otto Dix series of prints Der Krieg I have pushed my limitations in etching/aquatint a little bit further.

On a lighter note, today and to my great delight, the V&A National Art Library was the first to see and to straight away acquire my artist book Book of Lists / Kitab al Fighrist, based on the amazing catalogue by the 10th C. bookseller of Baghdad, Ibn al Nadim, for their collection.

Meanwhile I will be showing some collaged and mixed media over etching pieces in the Winter Exhibition at the St Ives Millennium Gallery, now renamed Anima Mundi.

And finally, the multi talented artist Nan Mulder wrote a very good profile on my work in the latest issue of Printmaking Today. Click here to view it.

This will be my last newsletter for this year, thank you all for your support, friendship & interest and let’s for the next year try to soften our bounderies a bit and treat the world as we like to be treated ourselves,

warmest regards


from 18 December 2015
Mixed Winter Exhibition
Street an Pol, St Ives, Cornwall TR26 2DS

Till 24 April 2016
Facing History: Contemporary Portraiture
Displays, Gallery 88a
Victoria and Albert Museum
Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL


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