Some years start with clarity and energy, others have a kind of undefined, questioning kind of mood which makes it seem as if there has not been any clear ending or beginning.

Of course I wonder sometimes how much the collective happenings influence the individual or whether it is the other way round, that we look at what is happening through the colouring of our inner state. Clearly one of those chicken or egg conundrums.

One way to clear the air is to stage a joust.

ICONOCLASH#01 refers to the iconoclasm of 1566 which took place in what is now the Flemish/French border area. De Queeste Art in Abele and Kasteelstraat 1 in Watou created a ‘clash, of opinions, identities, and culture from which arises an unusual art project, a joust of styles between 2 galeries, from restrained forms to provoking expressionism.

For those who would like to see my work in the UK, Julian Page will launch five new, large prints at The London Original Print Fair.

More news to come soon, watch this space.

On Sunday 7 April at 11 am:
The artist will lead an open discussion on The Crying Game prints, please join us.
7 April-5 Mei 2019
De Queeste Art
Trappistenweg 54
8978 Abele/Watou, Belgium Tel: +32 (0)57 33 48 72
www: De Queeste Art

25 – 28 April 2019
London Original Print Fair 2019
Julian Page, stand 45

Royal Academy of Art
Burlington House, Piccadilly, Mayfair, London W1J 0BD
www: Julian Page, stand 45 – London Original Print Fair 2019
www: Julian Page

1 April – 16 December 2019
International printmakers
Galleri Heike Arndt DK

4892 Kettinge (Denmark)
Raagelundevej 7-9
www: Galleri Heike Arndt DK
Heike: +4560902481


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