Video interviews


Interviewed and filmed by Joseph Clarke for Hanselaar`s solo show
Open secrets
Millennium Gallery, 2014

Postcard from the Edge
by German filmmaker and artist Thomas Völker.
The film was made in connection with her show
Walking The Line
Kings Place Gallery, London, 2013.

Interviewed and filmed by Robin Field for her show
Biting the Bullet
Millennium Gallery, 2010

Interviewed [ in 2 parts] and filmed by Lawrence Fuller for Art Influence,
in connection with her show
Weight Of Smoke
De Queste Art, Watou, Belgium, 2007


Part 1


Part 2


This Choir of Angels
A collaboration with Laurence Fuller, 2008
A poetic look at human guilt and the conscience that walks with our every step.
These haunting angels are contemporary and urban tormenting our drunken New York everyman, until one day he takes a stand.
Written and voiced by actor Laurence Fullerwith art work by Marcelle Hanselaar.